Bambino Space Laser Fight


Bambino Space Laser Fight, which came out in 1980, has been a target on handheld “Want to own” checklist that I have been waiting to pick up for a while. I had a friend who inherited one from his older brother and we spent hours hunched over his kitchens table pounding on the buttons and trying to zap each other’s robot. For an LED game, the graphics were pretty impressive and the game was fast paced and at times frantic.

I had been holding up to pick one up with a box (it has a cool package), but the prices I have found on them online has been too high. So I think I just might by an unboxed one on the cheap. I like owning a box, but paying $60+ more for one makes me uneasy.

Here is some footage of a vintage unit in action.


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3 thoughts on “Bambino Space Laser Fight

  1. It’s not an LED display, it’s a VFD display. LEDs have crisper edges, only appear in simple geometric shapes (mainly either round dots or the segments of a numerical display), and were not available in blue back then. Also, VFDs were more power hungry, hence the high battery requirements.
    Personally, VFD displays are my favorite of all, I love the paradoxical combination of sharpness ans softly blurred edges. When I was little we had a calculator with a VFD display, and when I was a bit older I had a donkey kong tabletop game with a VFD display. Unfortunately I never had space laser fight.

  2. earblast says:

    Send me an email.

    I have one in excellent shape no box. I can give you a better deal than $60.

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