Tom Selleck visits Late Night with David Letterman in 1986


In this episode we learn that Tom cleverly had his hair cut at the end of a season of Magnum so that he can’t be called back to do promos. Tom’s visit to the show is not really to promote his hit CBS series, but instead to promote his films, “Daughters of Satan”, which he did in the 1970s (with hopes of a re-release) and “Terminal Island”. It is all played for laughs and makes Tom’s visit very special.

I wish I had one of those buttons he brought with him on that day to the studio.


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One thought on “Tom Selleck visits Late Night with David Letterman in 1986

  1. Prof. Mitch says:

    I feel it’s important that my wife and I are fans of Daughters of Satan. We have watched it together and have shown it to friends at parties. It’s not a bad movie…just misunderstood. We find a lot to enjoy in it.

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