Early Ad for a Video Equipment Store (1980)

My family was many years away from a video camera or even a VCR when this ad ran in magazines. I remember the first time we saw this sort of stuff in a store though, they had set up a video camera and connected it to a large TV and would let people stand in front of the camera and see themselves. You would have thought people had NEVER seen themselves before, because people couldn’t resist getting in front of the camera and staring at themselves on TV.

I have to admit, I was also very guilty of staring and hamming it up while watching the large color television and could not wait to get a video camera for our home (I had to wait a long time).

We weren’t even in a store dedicated to video equipment, I think it was a Sears, so I can only imagine the kind of dumbfounded crowds this store must have attracted.



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2 thoughts on “Early Ad for a Video Equipment Store (1980)

  1. Max Power says:

    Hey! Curved screens are fashionable again.

    BTW – on the exit ramps from Space Mountain at Disney World, there’s a set of video cameras that green-screen people into outer space scenes. I’m amazed that people still stop and stare at themselves, considering how regularly we see ourselves on screen now.

  2. When I was a kid I loved that part on Space Mountain and I still do today. I will often walk in place on the conveyor belt if no one is behind me to enjoy it a bit more.

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