Which Car Phone did you want in 1980?

This ad comes from a magazine from 1980 and shows the dazzling array of car phones that you can choose from, the more standard home phone like Satellite 80 or the sleek and I am guessing less expensive Alpha 40. If money wasn’t an object in 1980 and I had to pick one just on cool factor alone, I would have picked the Alpha 40. I just feel it looks more futuristic and would look better betwixt the plaid bucket seats of my AMC Gremlin.



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One thought on “Which Car Phone did you want in 1980?

  1. Dar says:

    We had a car phone back in the 80’s in our Cadillac (back when we were rich).

    It was cool and had light-up buttons. Looked a bit like the top model.

    But calls were expensive, so only for for serious stuff.

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