Snoopy Strikes Again!

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You don’t really need me to write anything here – this comic-advert sells the idea of its Snoopy bi-plane perfectly, and had I seen this in my youth, you can bet I would have badgered my parents for a kit of my own! Perhaps the two young boys should explain…

Wow! What a great new kit from Monogram. Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel. Comes with a battery-powered propeller you flip to start like a real plane. Easy and fun to build. Just snaps together so you don’t need glue.

Meer minutes later and they have themselves a groovy pre-painted plane where they can write comments like “Curse you, Red Baron” and let’s not forget the Doghouse Display Stand! Here’s a couple more images of this great looking toy:

Snoopy Box
Snoopy Sopwoth Camel

Model pictures found at L&L Collectables.

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One thought on “Snoopy Strikes Again!

  1. bchevrier says:

    Wow. I had forgotten about this. I had one, and the companion Red Baron plane, too! I can’t remember what the Red Baron looked like but the plane was a red triplane I believe. I thought it was so cool that you started the prop just by flicking it and stopped it by grabbing it. I don’t think there was an on/off switch on it.

    These looked pretty cool on my dresser, locked in a perpetual (pardon the pun) dogfight.

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