Before the Internet, we had the Phone Book


The phone book was an essential part of any household before the internet and you would be surprised what you could find on this tissue-thin pages. In 1986, InfoPlus was pushing all new “high-tech” features with their Talking Phone Book. Sadly it wasn’t an actual anthropomorphic talking book, like you see in this commercial, instead it was a series of numbers you could dial to get general information about things like the weather. Not adorable, but still pretty useful.

I still kept a phonebook handy in my home until about 2010, even though I almost never used it for anything. Now they don’t even seem to deliver them where I live now, which is sort of a relief since I always felt bad throwing them away right away, but also a little sad because a piece of history has passed.


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One thought on “Before the Internet, we had the Phone Book

  1. Dar says:

    I admit to still using them.

    Much faster than an internet search, as it’s al right there in front of you with numbers and everything. No need to go through each link or type zip code or any of that.

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