Remastered Walt Disney World Resort TV Guide from 1981


In August of this year, VideofromGeorge posted this video of some footage shot back in March of 1981. It is a very rare glimpse of the Resort Guide that ran on TVs at the Walt Disney World back then. I am pretty nutty for retro Disney stuff and I watched this video at least a dozen times.

I went to load it up again this morning, when I found something new in my search results. It seems another YouTube user took the sound and picture from the original and remastered the video with updated graphics. The fonts, colors and graphics are matched, but they are now crisp and modern. No one needed to do this, the original was fine by me, but this is why I love the internet….


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2 thoughts on “Remastered Walt Disney World Resort TV Guide from 1981

  1. Max Power says:

    Weather Infromation?

    The Resort TV Guide was one of the high-tech parts of Walt’s EPCOT plan. RCA was a major contractor and built an advanced communications system for the entire complex. Getting daily updates from a computer via TV was fairly novel then.

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