Ben Cooper Halloween Costume Catalog

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A lot of people simply refer to them as “those old Halloween costumes” — you know, the ones with the plastic masks and the vinyl costumes? The company that made them, Ben Cooper, cornered the market on licenses and got their costumes in every department and grocery store you could imagine. Whether you wanted to be Batman or Darth Vader, Wonder Woman or Strawberry Shortcake, Ben Cooper had a costume waiting for you.

The fine folks over at Plaid Stallions have in their online catalog collection a Ben Cooper Halloween Costume Catalog from 1980. Head on over and see if you can spot any costumes you or your friends had!


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6 thoughts on “Ben Cooper Halloween Costume Catalog

  1. It’s funny how you see things differently when you get older. As a kid I always wanted these “real” costumes instead of the homemade ones (because as every kid knows, something bought at the store is always legitimate whereas something made as home is just a cheap copy). Yet now when I look back at these costumes I just see a cheap mask and a garbage bag with a character’s face painted on it & am glad that I had -real- (homemade) costumes growing up.

  2. I am right with you on the wanting them back then and not getting them. Now when I look at them I am impressed with the design, color and presentation. It was perfectly put together (on the cheap) to win me over as a kid.

    I wonder how much though went into the Ben Cooper box or the colors they chose for the costumes?

  3. They certainly are perfect at what they’re designed to do, make kids think they’re awesome. I wonder if they have some group do a study as to what will appeal to kids, or if they just have a natural knack for it?

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Eh, kids today think they invented cosplay?
    Ben Cooper invented cosplay.

    When I had that Darth Vader mask, I *was* the feared ruler of the Empire.
    Only took it off to munch on the spoils of my successful raids on the Rebel scum’s candy stashes.

  5. I wondered the same thing about the focus groups. I would guess that back then they might not have, instead they probably happened by internal company approval and iteration or maybe they just had some genius who understood what would work best. Trying to find a Ben Cooper employee online now.

  6. bane says:

    I hate that that plaid stallions guy has to put his watermark over EVERY pic on the internet.

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