Was Shakma Supposed To Be A Sitcom?

The 1990 horror film Shakma is interesting. It boasts the legendary Roddy McDowall as a Professor Sorenson, running a live action role-playing game in a laboratory building as a social experiment. You also have Shakma, a genetically modified baboon that secures it’s freedom and begins to wreck bloody havoc on the staff and the students locked in the building.

But looking at this poster artwork for the VHS release…the surprised looks of the cast makes it feel more like a TV sitcom!


This trailer is a little gory so be warned but it shows you how different the film is than what the poster seems to be selling. I do love how worked up the announcer gets at the end of the trailer…SHAKMA!

[Via] Flashback Channel


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4 thoughts on “Was Shakma Supposed To Be A Sitcom?

  1. Skagnetti says:

    If you liked Shakma! Then you’d probably love the Red Letter Media guys review on it!

  2. I think it’s funnier how excited the announcer is about Christopher Atkins being a two-time recipient of the National Association of Theatre Owners Star of the Year Award. Which reminds me, those guys need to get a snappier nickname for their awards. Maybe the Reelies? Or perhaps the Overpricedpopcornies?

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Skagnetti!

    Hey, Patrick J. Doody…SHAKMA!!!!

    8TrackMind, great name by the way, have you contacted these Theatre Owners yet? ;)

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