This commercial for the clothing store “Brothers” is a great Eighties Fashion Show

This commercial from the mid-eighties not only features some amazing fashions, but also uses “Axel F” from Beverly Hills Cop, which makes it a potent 80s cocktail. I have sat and watched this commercial almost a dozen times now and I still cannot completely follow along with the narrator who is giving a LOT of detail on the intricacies of fashion.

Brothers’ was a South Louisiana clothing store and I do not think they had any outlets in New Jersey, but based on how “high-end” these cloths look, I doubt I ever would have heard of them growing up.


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3 thoughts on “This commercial for the clothing store “Brothers” is a great Eighties Fashion Show

  1. That was radical. I love Axel-F. I doubt they paid for the rights to use it.

    The acting was superb.

    “Look at this golf club!” “And look at this tennis racket!” “Here we are, all at this table!” “We’re all good looking.”

  2. Oh this is so great! We are flattered to be included in your blog and think this old commercial of ours is totally epic. We are still in business, almost 38 years now. We are glad to learn of your blog @retroist. We couldn’t be more thrilled to re-live the 80’s through you.

    Oh – and as far as the rights go Axel-F, we are authorized to use the karaoke version, which is what was used. Totally radical!

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