This Stingray isn’t the Stingray I remember

I happened to catch the theme tune to the Gerry Anderson TV show ‘Stingray’ earlier today and it had me wondering if the show had ever been featured here at The Retroist before. I went searching for a Youtube link to the awesome intro but was surprised to find that Stingray has an alter-ego!

In 1985, NBC aired its own Stingray, starring Nick Mancuso, who plays the mysterious character known only as Ray, whose trademark is a black 1965 Corvette Sting Ray.

I’ve never heard of the show before but it looks a lot of fun, as you can tell from this collection of clips from the pilot.

If you like the show, you might be interested in reading the pilot episode script here.
Call me Ray. Short for Stingray? Short for Raymond!

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Child of the 80's. Born, raised and living in the Cheshire countryside, England.Lover of fan art, especially if it is based on my childhood heroes from Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Transformers and TMNT. Penchant for almost anything retro, especially movies, games and art.

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3 thoughts on “This Stingray isn’t the Stingray I remember

  1. Tenn_Tuxedo says:

    I was quite the fan of the 80s NBC Stingray show as a kid. It is cliche 80s drama programming with a typical Mike Post theme song.

    After watching the intro clip on here when it ended I automatically expected the commercial break to begin. :)

  2. badblogcollection says:

    My brothers and I loved this show in first run as kids. It came towards the tail end of an era where tv shows about a mysterious and resourceful loner who solves peoples’ problems seemingly out of the goodness of his heart more for money were popular: The Equalizer, Spenser for Hire, Knightrider, MacGyver (and The A-Team with more of a group variation on the theme). Though not strictly of that genre, if you like Stingray, you might also like Midnight Caller, which ran in the late 80s, with Gary Cole (Lumberg from Office Space) as a late night talk radio host who solves his callers’ problems during the day (wow, it really sounds like a strange premise when I type it out like that).

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