After 23 Years I Finally Got My Rocketeer Action Figure!

The Rocketeer - Dave Stevens
I’ve been a fan of the late great Dave Stevens for a very, very long time. I’ve talked before on the site about my first introduction to his iconic comic book character, The Rocketeer. The series was Steven’s love letter to the serials (Like King of the Rocketmen) and time period of the 1930s and 1940s and he threw in more than a dash of Doc Savage and later the Shadow for flavoring, of course there was also his homage to Bettie Page with Cliff Secord’s girlfriend.

So you can imagine how excited I was back in 1991 when I heard that Walt Disney was going to release a film adaptation of the comic. I was buying every single comic book magazine that had any mention of the movie and when I first laid eyes on the Art Deco styled poster I had a great feeling about how the film was going to turn out.

The Rocketeer

[Via] Saneel GB

While my Father and I both loved the film, it would seem that opening up against the likes of Terminator 2 and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves wasn’t the best of ideas. It also would have helped if Disney had marketed the film better. In terms of merchandising besides a few items from the parks that you could have picked up at the time of the film’s release you had to make do with plastic candy containers of the Rocketeer, collector’s cards and a magazine, as well as the NES and SNES games. Fans of the Rocketeer wondered why Disney hadn’t release a toy line to coincide with the film’s release…but thanks to the ReAction line of figures…23 years after the film was released I finally got my hands on my Rocketeer action figure!

The Rocketeer C - ReAction Figures

Cliff making sure the Gee Bee is good to go.

Cliff making sure the Gee Bee is good to go.

The Rocketeer D - ReAction Figures

After 23's the Rocketeer to the rescue! At least on my toy shelf that is.

After 23 years…it’s the Rocketeer to the rescue! At least on my toy shelf that is.


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3 thoughts on “After 23 Years I Finally Got My Rocketeer Action Figure!

  1. Max Power says:

    Considering the way Disney’s marketing sunk this movie and John Carter, I wonder if Raiders of The Lost Ark would have been a flop had Disney been in charge of marketing.

  2. Well, Max Power, there is quite a bit of talk from both director Joe Johnston and Dave Stevens on how hard they had to fight for small things…like the Rocketeer’s helmet and making it a period piece. Apparently Michael Eisner felt it would be better if it was just a plain old NASA helmet, it got to the point where Johnston threatened to walk off the picture if they didn’t stick with the original design…and that was AFTER other helmets were presented and voted out and Stevens himself had a sculptor he knew work on a helmet the studio finally agreed on and that was still true to his art.

  3. Max Power says:

    It really seems that Disney often has no idea what makes a movie good, and just hopes to make money by marketing every possible item for ones that do well.

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