Behold The Power Of The Plazer Ray Gun! (1966)

[Thanks to some photos posted by RetroArt over on his Facebook Page I was made aware of a futuristic ray gun toy called the Plazer Ray. While looking at that photo above I knew I would have to find out what it was all about. While I didn’t uncover any history beyond the fact that it seems to have been first advertised in a 1966 Montgomery Ward catalog and was made by the ‘Multiple Toymakers’ company, I did at least find this vintage TV commercial showing how the toy worked.

Maybe RetroArt can give us the lowdown on this mighty toy weapon?


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2 thoughts on “Behold The Power Of The Plazer Ray Gun! (1966)

  1. Joseph vopravil says:

    Hello, When I was 9yrs old one of my friends came over to my house with a Plazer ray gun. He had just come from our town Coast to coast store.he was all excited about his find.The store had purchased too many of these and was blowing them out at $2.99 ea.As word got out every kid in the neighborhood ran to get one.I remember mine.You would put it up to your face and take aim.You would slowly pull the trigger and the gun would emit a screeching sound.When the trigger was about all the way it would make a loud click and a bright light would flash on.During the trigger pull as you looked in the view finder there would be all these psycadelic lite flashes.I often wonder what became of mine. Thanks for the memories.. Joe…..

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