Deborah Sussman Dies at 83


You might not recognize her name, but you should know her work. Deborah Sussman was the designer who brought the 1984 Summer Olympics to life in vibrant hues and pastels. She was a designer who helped shape the Los Angeles style of the 70s and 80s – most notable the color palette she used for the Olympics. I can remember that growing up in Chicago during the 80s, I always dreamed that Los Angeles would feel how it looked in these striking visuals from the Summer Games.

I don’t know much about Deborah Sussman or her history with the city, but I do remember that she gave Los Angeles that signature look I was so fascinated with while growing up in the 80s. She was still very active within the past few years, designing the totems at the new Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles.

She died yesterday at 83. Here is the Los Angeles Times obit.

And here is a well made retrospective of some of her very famous interior and exterior designs. I love those clean lines and solid colors. I bet she could have made the coolest arcade ever.

We honor her for helping shape the definition of that “80s” look. We love that look. We miss it.

Patrick J. Doody

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