Dress like a 1980s Decathloner

In 1976 Bruce Jenner set America on fire when he won the decathlon. Four years later, even with the 1980 Olympics a no go for many countries who were boycotting it because the Soviet Unions war in Afghanistan, the decathlon was still buzzworthy enough of a term to move sports clothing. In this ad you see how little it costs to look the part, just remember that to look like a true decathloner in addition to really short shorts, you must maintain eye contact with everyone at all times. It is a little known fact that steely gaze is an important criteria and, when overlooked, cost many a hardened athlete the gold.


Garry Vander Voort

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One thought on “Dress like a 1980s Decathloner

  1. Max Power says:

    Gotta get me one of those outfits so I have something nice to wear to the opening of EPCOT Center

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