Coming Out Of Their Shells

I didn’t want to miss all the TMNT fun we’re having here at Retroist!

Several hundred years ago, back in 1990, Pizza Hut was the promotional restaurant tied to the first live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie and they sponsored a live music road show starring the turtles: The “Coming Out Of Their Shells” tour! Here’s an interesting wiki on the event. It was created by a marketing exec, who also performed Michelangelo’s vocals. They were even featured on Regis and Kathy Lee!

As part of the promotion, you could pick up the tour book and the cassette tape at your local Pizza Hut. I still have my tape! Sadly, the book got lost in the mail on its way to Vic Sage some years ago. I scanned the insert of the cassette for everyone to enjoy.




The music is actually now available on iTunes and you can view some of the tour here!

While watching this video, my son noted that these don’t look anything at all like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because they are in “the old days”.

Pizza Power!

Patrick J. Doody

Patrick J. Doody is a horror nerd and Mexican Pepsi enthusiast living in Los Angeles.He writes movies and makes TV shows. Check out his latest endeavor, Beyond Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.

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5 thoughts on “Coming Out Of Their Shells

  1. KennyB3000 says:

    I worked at Pizza Hut during high school when this promotion was happening. Being a huge Mirage Comics Turtles fan, I was both put off and excited by the surge in popularity of the turtles at that time (I kind of feel the same way about the new movie.) Of course, we got free copies of the tape and even free tickets to the live show when it hit our town. It was pretty bad, lol.

  2. The thing that always bugged me about this was their lack of shells…and it’s existence…but mostly the shells (and possibly the denim). Cowabunga.

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