Foil that CB Thief by taking your CB with You

My family had a CB radio in our car. I guess we were lucky that we lived in a low crime area, because as it turns out, CB theft was a problem in some areas and the giant antenna we used was the perfect beacon for would-be thieves. What is the solution when people are stealing stuff from you car? Take the stuff with you!

Here is an article from that talks a little bit about the problem and illustrates a solution to foil those car thieves lurking in the shadows.



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2 thoughts on “Foil that CB Thief by taking your CB with You

  1. Badwolf says:

    I have a CB in my car right now. And I have a CB in my 4Runner. But I do not have one in my wife’s new car (nor is it likely I will – no room, really).

    I like having a CB, as over distances, sometimes the white noise can be soothing. Not many people use CB’s anymore (with the advent of cell phones, etc.), but I like to have my rig ready to go – just in case…

  2. What I don’t think many people realized the comfort of having a unpredictable link to the outside world, which was especially fun on a long drive.

    My family took several road trips to Florida and the CB was a constant form of entertainment, often running for hours without the radio going or any of us talking. It was useful tool in the hand of professionals who could use it, but it was extremely interesting even to people who hardly picked up the handset.

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