Steven Spielberg’s Duel…For The Atari 2600?

There are nine more humorous takes on missed movie based licenses over at 1 More Castle. The likes of Kramer Vs Kramer for the Commodore Vic-20, and John Carpenter’s Christine for the Nintendo Entertainment System to name just a few. But the one that not only made me giggle uncontrollably for five minutes was also one…that I kind of wish had been made into an actual Atari 2600 title, Steven Spielberg’s 1971 adaptation of the Richard Matheson short story, Duel.

Image courtesy of 1 More Castle.

Image courtesy of 1 More Castle.

“Two players, one as the terrifying truck, and one as a little red Plymouth. Race to the top of the hill! Who will win? Use the steering paddle controllers as you both climb a dirt path. Watch out for the cliff!”

This sounds like the perfect time for all of those homebrew developers to get to work on bringing us this missed opportunity on the Atari 2600!


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4 thoughts on “Steven Spielberg’s Duel…For The Atari 2600?

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Oh man, if the homebrew crowd start getting behind VCS adaptations of classic movies like this…I’ll be buying the physical carts and boxes and never be happier.

  2. Perhaps…a Poltergeist cart is on the horizon, Atari? You could use the paddles to help move the headstones in the first level. ;)

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