Pillsbury Streusel Swirl Cake – The Six Meal Cake


Allow me to tell you exactly what it was like when my family decided to get a boxed mix to make a cake. First, we would plead with my Mother to purchase the mix. She would counter with “If I buy the cake, you guys won’t eat a dinner, you will just eat a cake.”

We would then counter with “No, this time we promise to make it last. We will only have it for dessert and it will last all week.” She relents after we say that for an hour.

That very night, my sisters make it before dinner. While it is cooling, Dinner is begun. We eat a minuscule amount of the dinner and just as my Mother predicted, the whole lot of us, her included, gorge themselves on cake and finish it all.

The Pillsbury Streusel Swirl Cake can pretend that it is a cake you can stretch out to six meals, but that is all marketing. In the real world, it doesn’t make it to bedtime. If it did, it wouldn’t be a very good cake.


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