How much did an Atari ST Computer cost in 1986?

Curious about how much an Atari ST would run you in 1986? Well according to this receipt which was posted on Reddit the other day from a Knoxville, TN DATAWORLD, the computer will run you $1195. Of course, if you want a modem and some bells and whistles (like a modem and a mouse pad), it is going to run $1425.16.


[via] Reddit


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6 thoughts on “How much did an Atari ST Computer cost in 1986?

  1. 1200 bucks?! I understand it came with a monitor and built-in disk drive but man oh man, that seems like a whole lot. A few years later (1990), my mother would get me an IBM PS/1 for around the same price, but, no offense… It was an IBM.

    I sense the Atari fan boys are gonna send nasty messages my way :)

  2. Yeah, I was walking through a festival last weekend and they were giving them out as giveaways. I picked one up even though I had not intention of using it.

    Force of habit.

  3. LOL have a mouse pad too. Would love an ATARI mouse pad… I’m sure Cafepress has ’em.

    Funny, coworker demanded a mouse pad and I explained it was not necessary. Like you said, force of habit.

  4. I bought an Atari 1040ST in 1986 and I didn’t pay that much for it. I think my price was around $800-$900.

    I remember mouse pads being $10 or so. A necessary evil, however, as my Atari mouse didn’t work well on the desktop surface.

    I still use a mouse pad because my optical mouse sometimes does not track well on the wood grain on my desk. And not all mouse pads work either as I had a mouse pad that didn’t work well with the optical mouse.

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