Enter the Gateway to Adventure with Dungeons & Dragons

When I got a copy of this basic set, I already had a set of dice, so the randomized chits are still in one sheet together and in the box, which is on the shelf next to my desk. I am feeling sort of nostalgic for the original set because, firstly I am always nostalgic, secondly because I just picked up the new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set.


For those interested in my feeling about the new system. So far I like what I see more than 4th edition, because it feels more like the RPG I fell in love with. Magic seems a bit overpowered, so it should be interesting to see how that works out. I cant wait to check out the books when they are released over the next few months.


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One thought on “Enter the Gateway to Adventure with Dungeons & Dragons

  1. My first set was the original red box Basic Rules when I was in middle school, which came with the classic module B2-Keep on the Borderlands. Back in the day when elf and dwarf were the same thing as fighter or magic-user!

    I loved reading the books because of the rules. I felt like I was being rewarded with a gateway to adventure for making my way through them.

    I think I read somewhere a version of the new rules are available for free so I’ll have to give them a looksee. Haven’t touched a D&D book since 3E.

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