This guy really loves his butter…


I have eaten many an english muffin in my life and I enjoy them with butter, which I SPREAD on the english muffin so that each nook and cranny is filled. I have seen many ads over the years where a pat of butter sits in the middle of a piece of toasted bread or a pancake and always figured this was just demonstrative. Because when butter melts or is spread you really don’t know it’s there, so show it pre-spread and people know that the butter IS there.

This commercial from the dairy council in the late 1980s would have me believe that people are just eating the pats of butter unspread. Which blew my mind! Butter is delicious, but why would you suffer through tasteless and unbuttered sections of bread just to save one last super buttery bite for the end? Have I been eating my buttered products wrong all these years?

If you know, please advise…


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2 thoughts on “This guy really loves his butter…

  1. Max Power says:

    Makes me think about that Seinfeld episode where George Steinbrenner explains that he eats his cupcake upside down so he can save the frosting for last, like a dessert for his dessert.

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