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Last year I wrote a short article about some Dungeons and Dragons figures I found at a local toy store. Although when I wrote the article I hadn’t purchased them, I went back shortly and did just that.

Since then I’ve added four more figures to my collection: Strongheart the Paladin, Elkhorn the Dwarf, Warduke the Fighter, and Zarak the Evil-Half Orc Assassin.

Dungeons and Dragons figures (excluding the miniatures) were released in two series and two sizes: the traditional 3 3/4″ scale and a larger, 5″ size. Some of the figures were released in both series and in both sizes, making collecting all of them a bit confusing. This page over at the Toy Archive does a pretty good job of identifying them all by series and size.

Here’s a great video that shows off most of the figures. (It starts off a bit dramatic and gets to the figures about a minute in.) Man, if nothing else, I’ve got to get one of those rotating displays.

4 Responses to Dungeons and Dragons Figures

  1. The Retroist says:

    I have always loved the figures. Glad you are adding them to your collection.

  2. bigox737 says:

    My brother and I loved these when we were kids, I cannot wait to be home so I can watch this video.

  3. Spottedfeather says:

    Were there ever figures like these for the cartoon ?

  4. The Retroist says:

    They produced some PVC figures in Europe and you could pick up a subset of those in a boardgame called Fantasy Forest.

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