Holy Cow! It’s Phil Rizzuto for The Money Store!


If you grew up in the New York/New Jersey area and owned a television you probably remember these amazing commercials for “The Money Store” starring New York Yankees announcer and former shortstop Phil “Holy Cow” Rizzuto. Even after repeated viewings of the commercials, I really had no idea what a “Money Store” was growing up (I guess loans), but because of this ubiquitous ad campaign and Rizzuto’s dynamic charisma I still remember them today.

When I close my eyes I can still picture them on my little B&W TV on channel 11 WPIX during Star Trek, Honeymooners and Odd Couple commercial breaks.


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4 thoughts on “Holy Cow! It’s Phil Rizzuto for The Money Store!

  1. Wow, this is awesome. Having grown up in NY (in a Yankees household) these commercials are cemented in my mind. Coincidentally, I was just talking about these commercials last night!

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