The 1982 Media Room

This image from a 1982 issue of Popular Mechanics shows all the components that make a timely Media Room. While I cannot argue with their choices, I am not so sure about the placement of their equipment. Why is the record player so high up and who would use a computer on a shelf like that?



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2 thoughts on “The 1982 Media Room

  1. Based on the size of that computer monitor, I can see why that guy needs to wear glasses.

    Also, that hi-tech guy has a decidedly lo-tech taste in art.

  2. Badwolf says:

    First stereo unit I ever bought was the Mitsubishi X-10 Interplay system. I also bought the glass and wood enclosure (not shown in this picture). This was the system I bought to school when I was an incoming freshman. I had the Polk Audio Monitor 5’s, and the system probably cost me close to $800.00 I bought it at Audio Breakthroughs in Manhassett, NY.

    In the summer of 1982.

    I thought I was hot stuff with that system, and it worked well enough, but it certainly had it’s limitations. Chicks dug the vertical turntable; it was a real conversation piece. The vertical TT allowed the system to sit on bookshelf-deep units, which was convenient for a dorm room. Today, I keep my turntables close to eye level – makes for better, more-precise cuing. But with the X-10, it’s all done with push buttons, so the need for fingertip precision just isn’t there.

    Sold it when I got out of school for $150.00 (I kept the speakers). Would I buy another, given the chance? Maybe. It’d be nice to have one again, but it would be inferior to stuff I have now.

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