A Visit to the Seattle World’s Fair in “Century 21 Calling”


My exposure to this short film that showed the fun and technology (especially the Bell Systems technology), had been limited to its use on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Since moving to Seattle though and visiting Seattle Center and learning more about the 1962 World’s Fair, I have been able to enjoy the film without the layer of humor that the folks at MST3K added. I find myself walking through the area where they Fair happened trying to spot glimpses of the fair that I spot in this short and it has added an extra layer of interest to my daily walks.

If you have interest in retro tech, World’s Fairs or are planning to visit to Seattle, give “Century 21 Calling” a look.

If that does not interest you. Here is the MST3K version which is of course hilarious…


Garry Vander Voort

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One thought on “A Visit to the Seattle World’s Fair in “Century 21 Calling”

  1. Jacques Van Blokland says:

    Having seen the MST3K version dozens of times, it’s impossible for me to watch this without running commentary (it’s a curse I bear gladly). Another fun cinematic trip to the ’62 World’s Fair is Elvis Presley’s ‘It Happened at the World’s Fair’. Elvis + World’s Fair = A tasty burrito of retro goodness!

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