This 1980 Flash Gordon Teaser Poster Is All Manner Of Awesome!

Image courtesy of the space1970 Blog.

Image courtesy of the space1970 Blog.

I have a lot of fond memories of Flash Gordon when it was originally released back in 1980 and to be honest I still love it, especially the rocking soundtrack by Queen!

[Via] Romley Davies Publicity

The always awesome space1970 Blog shared the teaser artwork for the film you see up top featuring the brave hawkmen in the middle of their desparate stand off against War Rocket Ajax and the minions of Ming…with Flash Gordon on his Hawkman rocket cycle lending a hand of course!

This is the actually the first time I have ever seen this teaser artwork and as mentioned on the space1970 Blog he remembers it being in Starlog at that time, do any of you recall seeing it back in the day?


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5 thoughts on “This 1980 Flash Gordon Teaser Poster Is All Manner Of Awesome!

  1. I think it’s a Universal law that Hawkmen and War Rocket Ajax artwork will make your day 50% better…at least that is what I’ve heard. ;)

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    The utter coolness of this poster matches the levels of admiration I have for this 80s gem.
    We enjoyed the kitchy ride of it when we bunched-up to catch its theatrical release. Caught it again and again on VHS and cable, where its diminutive TV-size hindered the enjoyment of its spectacle.

    But now, seeing that glorious artwork (which I don’t remember from the Starlog days) reminds me to tell you how great the film looked in HD, on Netflix.
    A perfect piece of now-retro cinema. Fun times and a great soundtrack.

    And yeah, my day is much better now!

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