Optimus Prime Joins G.I. Joe!

On more than one or two occasions I’ve shared my love of the Transformer and G.I. Joe toy lines…and their comic book series…and their animated shows. But back in my youth I always felt that something was missing from each and when Marvel Comics published their G.I. Joe and Transformers mini-series in 1986 it was like a light bulb went off over my head.

G.I. Joe and the Transformers

I hadn’t mixed the two toy lines together until that comic series but I always wished that G.I. Joe could somehow have Transformers characters that fit in with 3¾-inch scale line…because…no offense to Chuckles, he isn’t going to last long against Soundwave with that handgun.

Thankfully 800 Pound Productions and his friend AirMax decided to fix that very problem by making a few custom Transformer/G.I. Joe figures, in this case Optimus Prime for the Joe/Autobot team and Soundwave for Cobra/Decepticons!

All images courtesy of 800 Pound Productions and AirMax.

All images courtesy of 800 Pound Productions and AirMax.

Optimus Prime B - GI Joe - 800 Pound Productions - AirMax

Optimus Prime Turn - GI Joe - 800 Pound Productions - AirMax

Soundwave B - GI Joe - 800 Pound Productions - AirMax

Soundwave - GI Joe - 800 Pound Productions - AirMax

Laserbeak - GI Joe - 800 Pound Productions - AirMax

Make sure to visit both 800 Pound Productions and AirMax by following the links provided up top!


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7 thoughts on “Optimus Prime Joins G.I. Joe!

  1. Honestly…? I give them credit for effort, but not for results. The prime figure especially is fugly to the extreme. I guess it’s supposed to be that the TFs somehow got placed in humanoid android bodies? You’d be better off getting 2 generic male human figures & 1 generic blonde female, dressing/painting them in blue, green, and pink respectively, and pretending they’re springer, ultra magnus, and arcee from that episode where they get placed in synthoid bodies.

    There are also a lot of options in conventional transformers toys. If you’re looking for characters who are in scale with humans, you could go with micromasters, target, head, or powermasters, minicons, or those minispies promo toys. The minicars (like bumblebee) would also be close enough to human scale that humans could concievably beat them.
    If you’re looking for toys that are in scale with 3.5″ figures, there are countless options. The aforementioned minicars and minicons are in close to the right scale, the limbs from the g1 gestalts are in about the right scale, gobots (tonka/bandai) are about right, many g2 figures (like the cyberjets, which were also released/recolored in later lines like universe) are right, as are many of the beast wars ones, and the smaller/cheaper versions of standard characters in the later toylines (where you can get optimus for example in $5, $10, $15, $50, etc versions) are all in the ballpark.
    Admittedly, with some of these you would have to pretend that the characters had been shrunken somehow, but that’s far less of a stretch than would be required with those custom figures.

  2. I’m loving these two. They bring back memories of the Action Masters line, where the figures were G.I. Joe scale and non-transformable. I’ve seen a couple of Joe/Tranformers figures that had a lot more detail, but the inclusion of the packaging is what really puts these two on another level for me. Rather than looking like a cut and paste hack job, the artwork on the cards makes these figures look like something you could actually find hanging on a store peg. It sounds like he has some fans, because all of his Prime figures sold, even at $115.


    I don’t know how to respond to your comment, other than it seems you’re overthinking things way too much.

  3. Max Power says:

    I still have that set of comics. The 10-year-old me thought they’d be worth a fortune. Of course, so did everyone else, so 90% of the copies printed are still out there.

  4. I agree with you, Stuntzombie! Who know, maybe they can get a Kickstarter going…though the legal matter would surely be the biggest hurdle. I’d love to just be able to purchase 800 Pound Productions artwork for those blister cards, you know?

    Max, I also have these comics in my collection still and I can remember reading that first issue on the school bus and just freaking out at what happens as you can see on the cover. :)

  5. The “overthought” was actually an afterthought. My initial reaction was “omg! wtf!” upon seeing the optimus figure. The soundwave one looks decent, but that optimus one…..

  6. I definitely agree that Soundwave looks better. I don’t have any issues with Optimus’ sculpt, but he could definitely use more paint apps. Between his chest and his back, there is just way too much red.

    I saw photos of the Grimlock figure they recently finished (and sold out!), and that one looked amazing as well. Honestly, this is the sort of idea I wish Hasbro would run with. It could be a resurrection of the Action Masters line. They do have a bunch of G.I. Joe sculpts and molds they won’t be using for a couple years, why not do something with them?

    I would love to see poster sized versions of those cards. I’d hang them in my office in a second.

  7. rebel-scum75 says:

    There was a San Diego Con sets that had GIJoe and Transformers together. One was Cobra Commander in Starscream He transformed and Cobra Commander came out. Its pretty sweet. Google it.

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