The Nintendo Entertainment System Carry All

Say you did not own an NES back in the 1980s and your friend says, “Hey, how about I bring my NES over to your house and we can play some games and if I win, you can have my bike and if I win, I can have yours”. He then shows up at your house with what looks like a custom-made case that carries all of his NES games and accessories. Do not follow through on the bet. That friend of yours is a shark and is going to take you for everything you got.



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2 thoughts on “The Nintendo Entertainment System Carry All

  1. I have two of the red and blue soft Nintento carrying cases. One is filled with all my old Atari 2600 game manuals and catalogs. The other one is full of audio adapters: RCA splitters, male-to-male and female-to-female adapters, and so on.

    One is heavier than the other.

  2. vidkid says:

    You sir are DEFINITELY a shark like the Retroist is trying to warn us about. I am not playing Astroids for pink sheets with you sir.

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