Which of these Acclaim SuperPlay Handheld Games did you own?

A lot of the people I knew owned the WWF one, but I only ever wanted to own Knight Rider. So far all of my searching for one at various flea markets and garages sales have been fruitless, but I have found some of these others for low low prices.

Which makes me think that if you are looking for a nice little collection to start at bargain prices, this might be an interesting one to pick up.



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3 thoughts on “Which of these Acclaim SuperPlay Handheld Games did you own?

  1. vidkid says:

    Well if I ever find one, I would gladly trade for the 1943 game. Forget the Gameboy, I want these handhelds to come back. :) I know Nintendo tried to bring the fun back with their Game and Watch series of games but if I wanted to spend $200 on a Gameboy just to play 1 retro game I would spend the collector prices and get the originals. Now if Nintendo released a collection of NES games for the Gameboy well then you are talking…… Just saying.

  2. srmontague721 says:

    I have the 1943 handheld game in mint condition and in perfect working order. Are you interested in buying. I live in Indianapolis and will ship to anywhere.

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