Remember when Kermit The Frog guest hosted The Tonight Show?


On April 2, 1979, to help promote the upcoming Muppet Movie, Kermit the Frog and the rest of the Muppet gang took over The Tonight Show. As you will see, the show is a Muppet special of sorts. Throughout the show Muppet characters make appearances with notable a very notable appearance by Fozzie during the monologue. Guests appearing in this episode are Vincent Price, Bernadette Peters, Leo Sayer and Dr. Michael Fox.

Here is the full episode posted online complete with original commercials.


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2 thoughts on “Remember when Kermit The Frog guest hosted The Tonight Show?

  1. The WHOLE episode of the TONIGHT SHOW?!
    That’s awesome!

    After I watch all of it I’m probably going to want to seek out any behind-the-scenes stuff I can find on how the Tonight Show adapted for the Muppets.

    I like how we can now see absolute full frame of broadcast video (without the minor field cutoffs at top and bottom by standard cry tvs) and see a bit of Kermit’s bottom arm sleeve for Henson’s arm.

    That sounds weird. Sorry :)

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