The Columbia Software Club

Some kids were crazy for music and could not resist trying to get their parents to sign up for the various music clubs that promised cheap music up front, but with obligatory purchases in the future. I never went gaga for those ads, but when these Columbia Software Club ads started showing up in magazines, I was smitten.

How could I not be seeing a list of games like this that I could get for such a low low price? Luckily my Mom was very wary of such deals and taught me to read the fine print.

While that prevented me from actually filling out and sending in these forms, it did not stop me from studying every title they offered and trying to do the math on just how cheap it would be to get all the games I wanted.



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2 thoughts on “The Columbia Software Club

  1. vidkid says:

    Makes me wonder how many people signed up for the “trial”, copied the games and just returned it on their dime. I didn’t even know they had this club or I would have likely been sucked in.

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