Learn your Animals with Safari Cards

A lot of variations on animal themed cards for learning were made available starting in the 1970s. My family had a hodgepodge of them and more than a few of these trays in which to put them (although most of them were 80% empty). I enjoyed them a lot, because before I had a TV or handheld video game, I could play games by testing myself about the facts on the card before looking at them. It was a lot of fun, but for the life of me I can’t remember a single fact from the cards. So maybe it was a lot more play than learning or maybe I just ain’t that bright.

At some point in the 1990s, my family had a garage sale and someone bought our entire merged collection of cards for something like a dollar. At the time I wasn’t sad to see them go, but nowadays when I am trying to fall asleep and my head and I don’t feel like reading or turning on the TV, I think that having a stack of Safari Cards on my nightstand would be pretty swell.



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2 thoughts on “Learn your Animals with Safari Cards

  1. Ya gotta love their deceptive advertising. They picture a fully filled rack of cards right under the “everything here is free”, but in the small print only specify that the tray & index cards are free. I had 2 or 3 of these over the years, though I never had more than maybe 6 packs of the animal cards for any of them. I remember having a hrad time deciding on exactly how to organize the cards, I would alphabetize them one day, arrange them by type (birds, lizards, etc) the next day, by region the next day, etc. I also remember those little “jade” elephant necklaces.

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