Official Star Wars Fan Club Ad from Early 1978

I think I might have joined the Star Wars Fan Club through an ad like this back in the day, but I have no material proof that I did, so maybe it was only in my dreams. If I did, I figure I would still have that Membership Card. Sadly, I do not.

What I love about this ad is that they refer to Princess Leia as “the Princess Leia”. That is exactly the type of thing that my Grandmother would say about anything I was into.

Oh are you playing “the Atari?” Do you want to go see “the Star Wars?”

I am pretty sure she did not do it on purpose, but it is something I have tried to emulate as I have gotten older.


Here is a similar ad (same price) from 1980. Post Empire Strikes Back.



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One thought on “Official Star Wars Fan Club Ad from Early 1978

  1. To this day I don’t know how my kid self didn’t end up enrolled as a proud member of the SW Fan Club. I guess I preferred to spend what money my nine year old self could gather on SW action figures.

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