Was I the only one who wanted to go to Atari Computer Camp?


I never had a summer camp experience when I was a kid. Frankly, I never had much interest in the traditional summer camp activities. But when I started seeing these ads for Atari Summer Camps in the 1980s, I was smitten and began begging my Mom to let me go. I pushed hard enough that my Mother even contacted them to find out cost and specifics.

I believe that what she looked at was the 1 month camp. Which would have set me up with 2 hours of computer classes a day along with other camp activities and “Free time” use of their Atari 400 and 800 home computers. Sadly I never got to go, part of the reason was my overly protective Mother who didn’t trust summer camps(not sure why). The bigger reason was the price tag. If memory serves me right, they wanted something close to $1600, which was way above what we could afford.

For a lot less we could get a new computer for the home and we did in the form of a Commodore 64, which quickly became the object that I was firmly planted in front of that summer and many more to come.

That should have been me at Atari Summer Camp!

That should have been me at Atari Summer Camp!


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One thought on “Was I the only one who wanted to go to Atari Computer Camp?

  1. I went to summer camp for several years and I too was not very interested in the outdoors stuff. However, one year my camp offered a computer camp, which took place during the morning each day. That was cool. I can’t remember too much from it (or from camp for that matter), but I do know we learned Basic programming on Tandy computers.

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