Did you know that they tried a Bates Motel TV Series in the 1980s?


In 1987, NBC broadcast a TV movie that was originally conceived as a pilot for a Psycho-themed TV series called, Bates Motel (not to be confused with the one currently running on A&E). The show starred Bud Court as the former roommate of Norman Bates, at a mental institution, who inherits the motel when Norman dies. Rising star Lori Petty and established actor, Moses Gunn rounded out the cast.

As you might have guessed, it was not a well-received project. Anthony Perkins, who played Norman in the films, even came out against it and most fans will tell you that it is a non-canonical piece of the Psycho-verse.

I watched it when it came out originally and sort of enjoyed it. Re-watching it now, when I am a bit more discriminating, I can see why people have issues with it. But don’t listen to me, you can check it out yourself online, because someone was nice enough to post it in 10 parts on YouTube.

Here is part 1…


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2 thoughts on “Did you know that they tried a Bates Motel TV Series in the 1980s?

  1. I remember seeing the movie when it aired. I was actually excited to watch and had hoped it would become a weekly series. But, was not to be. I think it could have been fun.

  2. Wait, wait! Jason Bateman is in this? And is that Robert Picardo as The Doctor before he was The Doctor? I may have to go watch the rest of this. Psycho is probably my favorite horror movie of all time and I know this may not be “canon,” but I think for those reasons alone it might be interesting to watch.

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