Win a House from Burger King??


I love contests where you can win something small. Getting a free cheeseburger might not be hitting the lottery, but it a win is a win. So when fast food places run contests with an array of prizes I usually like to get involved. “Easy Street” from Burger King is a little before my active involvement in these type of contests. Still, I imagine I really pushed my Mother to get to Burger King so that we could win that house they offer at the end.

My mother would have argued that we should take the cash, but I would have countered that the house was more valuable since I could then tell everyone that I lived in the house that Burger King built.

I guess it is good I was probably ineligible to win…


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One thought on “Win a House from Burger King??

  1. Although it was probably just a regular house, I’m really curious to see it now. I hope it has a statue of the King out front, or just some ridiculous BK propaganda painted on it somewhere.

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