Steve Martin At Disneyland In 1965, Working At Merlin’s Magic Shop!

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Image courtesy of

There is so much to love about this wonderful black and white photo of the incredible Steve Martin working behind the counter at Merlin’s Magic Shop at Disneyland from back in 1965. Obviously there is Martin showing off a card trick but take a couple of moments and check out all of the awesome looking items for sale on display behind him…though on the negative side there are the ventriloquist dummies…so there is a hint of evil that never sleeps as well.

Steve Martin has talked about some of his fond memories of his youth working at Disneyland before and in fact is featured in a video that is played at the Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, a video where he gets to share the screen briefly with Donald Duck, jump to the 3:29 mark to catch Steve Martin.

[Via] Mr.Disneyfanman

A big thanks to the Disney and More Blog for that image of Steve Martin.


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2 thoughts on “Steve Martin At Disneyland In 1965, Working At Merlin’s Magic Shop!

  1. If you’ve never read it, I recommend his autobiography “Born Standing Up”; there’s a few chapters on his days at both Disneyland and Knots Berry Farms. And it’s just a great read in general if you’re a fan of Martin

  2. Absolutely, Djdarko! I picked it up the day after I posted this photo, I’ve always loved Steve Martin and his book doesn’t disappoint in any way. I’ve even thought about picking up the audiobook just because he reads it. :)

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