Retro Radio Memories: Hopalong Cassidy – “Coltsville Terror” (1952)

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.

Image courtesy of Claymation Werewolf.

Welcome back friends to another installment of Retro Radio Memories! This week for your listening pleasure we have chosen an episode from the CBS Radio series Hopalong Cassidy, entitled “Coltsville Terror”, that stars William Boyd as his famous film and TV cowboy Hopalong Cassidy with Andy Cline as his loyal sidekick, California.

Hopalong Cassidy

Hopalong Cassidy as played by William Boyd was something a little different than your typical cowboy hero in the 1930s, for one he wore black when at the time all the other wild west heroes in films wore white. To say William Boyd’s version of Cassidy was a media hit is quite an understatement, this was after the original company that made 66 films starring Boyd decided to call it quits. Boyd raised all the money he could, including every last cent of his own savings to not only buy the rights to the character from Cassidy’s creator Clarence E. Mulford as well as the backlog of films from his former producer Harry Sherman. It was a gamble that paid off big time because Boyd was smart enough to see that TV was the way of the future, soon he had a TV series and was making millions a year because of licensing rights. William Boyd’s Hopalong Cassidy holds the honor of being the first image used on a lunchbox by Aladdin Industries, his image alone helped their sales jump from 50,000 units a year to 600,000.

Hopalong Cassidy - Aladdin Lunch Box

So come join us as we travel the dusty trails with Hopalong Cassidy and California as they investigate the “Coltsville Terror” on Retro Radio Memories!


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