The Electric Company – Spidey Meets the Yeti


I never got tired of watching Ol’ Webhead when they ran these sketches on The Electric Company.

The narrator in this ad sounds a lot like I did when I was a kid.


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3 thoughts on “The Electric Company – Spidey Meets the Yeti

  1. I adored the elctric company show as a kid, and especially the spidey segments.
    There was also a series of comic books based on these segments “spidey super stories”.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah, I also watched Electric Company for its Spidey bits, at times.
    But I was getting all growed-up at that point and wouldn’t be caught dead watching a show about spelling (even if the cast was pretty awesome).

    But those Spidey Super Stories comics?
    *Always* got and enjoyed those whenever a new one came out.

    Also loved getting Electric Company’s own terrific youth magazine.

    (shut up)
    (it also had Spidey stuff)
    (okay, so I was still growing up)

  3. I wish I had kept more of my old Electric Company magazines. I only had about a dozen of them before I moved to 3-2-1 Contact Magazine (another favorite) before it split off to Enter Magazine. I have most issues of Enter (there aren’t that many), but only a dozen or so 3-2-1 Contact issues and only a couple Electric Company. Those were good times.

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