ECW Press And The Retroist Present: Raise Some Shell – Book Giveaway!

Image courtesy of ECW Press.

Image courtesy of ECW Press.

Thanks to our friends over at ECW Press we have three copies of Richard Rosenbaum’s totally awesome upcoming book, Raise Some Shell – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to giveaway to some lucky fans! If you already had the chance to read my review last week you know you can trust me when I say if you are a fan of the ‘Heroes in a Half Shell’ you are going to want to get your hands, mutated or otherwise, on Richard’s entertaining and informative look at the history of the Turtles and their varied incarnations and lasting legacy through pop culture.

Now for how you can get the chance to win a copy of Raise Some Shell for yourself…all you have to do is declare your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in the comment section below…or tweet your answer to me at @VicSage2005. It’s just that simple!

Donatello - Sticker

Of course if you happen to announce that Donatello is your favorite Turtle it will obviously put you closer to winning one of the three books (It will totally not increase your chances of winning) which seems pretty natural considering those that love Donnie are obviously wise Turtle fans.

Thanks again to ECW Press and of course to Richard Rosenbaum for writing such a great book in the first place. Good luck and remember to proudly show your “Turtle Power!” in the comments section!


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20 thoughts on “ECW Press And The Retroist Present: Raise Some Shell – Book Giveaway!

  1. Tim Fischer says:

    This is kind of a trick question for me. When I was a kid I liked Leonardo (the leader type), but now my favorite is Raphael (The loaner type). Here in the next month or so I’m going to get a tattoo of a hardcore badass Raphael over my back shoulder holding up Shredders decapitated head with dripping blood. So I guess my answer is Raphael. Or at least until my personality changes again :) Great question!

  2. Raphael, for two reasons: One, he tends to let his emotions dictate his actions, not unlike myself. Two, he wears red, which is the color ALL of the turtles wore in the original comics. Miss those that Mirage Comics pencil art.

  3. Mike says:

    Leo — cause swords are awesome. But Mikey is a close second because we sorta share first names.

  4. It really depends on which version you’re watching/reading. As a kid watching the classic cartoon version, I loved Michaelangelo because I thought he was funny. Nowadays, I think I enjoy Raphael most because I think he’s funny. For the live action movies, Donatello. Video games? Leonardo. But if I have to pick only one, I guess it’d be Michaelangelo. He has the coolest weapon.

  5. Judge Kraken says:

    Leonardo…but I totally screwed up and posted this in another thread because I was viewing multiple threads….sorry! You can delete the other one.

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