Hot Wheels Crack-Ups


Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars were a favorite of mine when I was a kid. They were never the main thrust of toy collecting, but over time I accumulated a good number of them. They were in pretty rough shape though. You see, we did not play nice with our cars. When it came to these particular toys, it wasn’t so much as racing as it was demolition derby.

A few years ago I found my collection and it was pretty rough-looking. If only we had cars like the Hot Wheels Crack-Ups, that were meant to look like they were destroyed, rather than actually be destroyed. I might still have a nice clean toy car collection.


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2 thoughts on “Hot Wheels Crack-Ups

  1. Thingamajiik says:

    That was a Cool feature both for Hot Wheels and the He-Man action Figures!
    Let me tell you a little anectdote from the past: A Boy at my brothers school wanted this Hot Wheel cars so bad he begged his mother to give him these cars as a christmas gift – at christmas the boy is given the Hot wheels crack-ups, he is totally happy and plays with them – then suddenly he crashed the car into a wall and turned to his mother presenting the toy “Look Ma already broken” he received a slap of course!
    I tell this anectdote evertime the talk of these crack-up Hotwheels comes up !
    And even i had them everyone had them at that time, the only thing that i never had was the “power armor He-Man” !

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