Mortal Kombat vs. Donkey Kong


In this classic video game mashup, we see what happens when Scorpion of Mortal Kombat takes Mario’s place in Donkey Kong. I had this bookmarked from a long time ago and I watch it from time to time as a reminder of just how quickly the games I played in the arcade changed. They just didn’t change technologically, but they also got bloodier and more gory.

I like both of these titles, but seeing them mashed up, just feels wrong. A wrong that I just cant stop watching.


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2 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat vs. Donkey Kong

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    “So…Mario’s sick this week and we figured you’d a fine job of punching barrels instead of people. Ha ha! Right, Scorpion?”

    “Right. So just have at it. Give yourself time to figure out the jumps and strategies. Some ladders are broken. Some barrels will be on fire. Kong will give you a hard time. Don’t let him frighten you, it’s all an act. He’s a big softie. Good?”

    “Uh, right. One last thing…Sonya Blade will be subbing for Pauline, wearing a costume. Mario and Pauline got a thing, y”know? And they’re off in…”
    “LET’S FIGHT!!!”

    “Awright, awright.. Jeez. Wait for the quarter…and go!”

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