Visiting the Toy and Action Figure Museum (Part One)


Close your eyes and think of the word “Oklahoma.” What did you think of? Cowboys and Indians? Horses? Tumbleweed? Whatever image you conjured up, it probably wasn’t the Toy and Action Figure Museum. Located about an hour south of Oklahoma City in Paul’s Valley, the museum has over 13,000 toys and action figures on display. There are so many things to see there that it would be literally impossible for me to show everything there, but here are a few pictures from each of the museum’s themed rooms.

The Army Room




The first room you’ll encounter is what I call the Army Room. These dioramas consist of Hasbro and Dragon 12″ military figures. These pictures only show a small section of the battlefield.

The Play Room




The next area you’ll encounter is the kid’s play room. In this room there are toys, action figures, LEGOs, dolls, costumes, masks, and all kinds of things for kids to play with. My kids are getting a little old for this area so we didn’t spend too much time there, but there are certainly a lot of things to see and play with here.

The Star Wars Room





These pictures don’t really do the Star Wars room service. On the right behind the glass there are a couple dozen carded figures — some new and some quite old. There are also lots of mail in figures from the old days and other things. Above this area on the wall there are tons of carded Star Wars figures from the 90s. Along the back wall are a dozen old framed newspaper advertisements from the late 70s/early 80s for toys and the movies themselves.

The Batman Room





I took roughly a dozen pictures of this room and I’m still not sure I captured everything. Decorated like the Batcave, this room alone contains hundreds and hundreds of Batman action figures and collectibles, covering everything from the original television show to the latest movies. If you’re a Batman fan, this room alone is worth the cost of admission.

Super Heroes!




If you don’t like your worlds mixing together, you’re in luck! Side by side there are two displays, one for DC action figures and another for Marvel ones. Just around the corner is a third display filled with female heroes. If things should go terrible in the universe, these are the displays you want to be standing near.

Want to see prototype action figures? Want to see tons of random displays? Want to see the most amazing bedroom you have ever seen in your life? Check back tomorrow for Part Two of my visit to the Toy and Action Figure Museum!

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One thought on “Visiting the Toy and Action Figure Museum (Part One)

  1. That place looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. I always wanted to put my collection on display for others to see. How do people NOT steal toys out of the playroom? Looking forward to more pictures.

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