This is the Creepiest Water Safety PSA I have ever Seen


Death stalks the unsuspecting risk takers who swim and play around dangerous water in this UK PSA from 1973, The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water. What makes it extra special, well besides seeing the embodiment of death lurking near every pond and lake and waiting to pounce, is the masterful narration by Donald Pleasence.

I could totally see this working as some sort of 70s/80s horror film about a spirit of death who just claims the unsuspecting who dare to enter the forbidden waters that it lords over.


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3 thoughts on “This is the Creepiest Water Safety PSA I have ever Seen

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Seems like Final Destination 13: Reckless Kids’ Reckoning.

    Good thing the sensible children kill/drown the Reaper at the end.


    ‘kay kid, that branch is sturdy again.

  2. Thomas Orth says:

    Holy Cannoli! That is one creepy PSA. Good voice job by Donald Pleasance!!

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