You do a lot with Doctor Do A Lot

My cousins loved playing hospital. Which led me to believe they would take up the medical profession when they got older (they did not). I hated playing hospital, not because I was not interested in medicine, but because I always had to be the patient. It was fine at first when they just had the simple doctors bag medical kid, but they got this Doctor Do A Lot set and suddenly I was pinned down for hours with hoses and tubes attached to me. No amount of promised Hi-C and shortbread cookies is enough to make me ever sit through what felt like 4 hours of make-believe surgery.

Damn you Doctor Do A Lot and your compelling ability to add a legitimacy to childhood medical emergency fantasies!!



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3 thoughts on “You do a lot with Doctor Do A Lot

  1. I’ve never seen/heard of this level of kit. I did have the type that came in an old style “doctor bag”, with the basic stuff like a plastic stethoscope & that mirror headband thing. When I was 6 there was a girl next door who was the exact same age & we would play doctor together (in more ways than 1).

  2. I am pretty sure their parents were trying to encourage being them to be a doctor. So they had a ton of very advanced looking medical toys and even a few real medical instruments like stethoscopes. I thought those things were a ball to play with.

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