Do you remember Melody Madness?

A few years ago I met a guy who enjoyed making music with old electronic toys. He would go goodwill and haul away just about anything that beeped or blooped and would take it home and try to make it do even more unusual things. His collection, which he kept in boxes and shelves was like some weird Frankenstein version of my childhood. Speak & Spells and Merlins everywhere in various states of seeming disrepair with wires hanging out of them. Of course, that was just appearances. Each one of these electronic toys had been modified to make a sound that this wizard thought was appropriate.

On his shelf was a toy that I really wished had worked, because I always wanted to play it as a kid, Melody Madness. It has not even been modified. The poor thing just didn’t work anymore and according to its owner it was too far gone. He said it had rotted, but liked the way it looked and kept it even after cannibalizing much of what was salvageable.

Did anyone out there get to play with Melody Madness? Was it everything I hoped it would be?



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