Playing Gradius on a Japanese Sharp X68000

Gradius on a Sharp X68000

I’ve mentioned before here on The Retroist that I have a tremendous love for the Gradius series of games from Konami. I can regularly be found on Youtube looking for new gameplay videos, music remixes and oddities that I haven’t seen or heard before.

My latest find is this complete run through of the first game. Normally this wouldn’t interest me too much, but this particular play-through is running on a Japanese computer called the Sharp X68000, a machine that was never released outside of its native territory and, as such, is never likely to make it into my home.

There is much to love about this video. The music, as ever with the series, is sublime and sounds great on the host hardware and the graphics are crisp for a 1987 machine, almost arcade-quality, but a little dark. Best of all is the player behind the ship who, like the rest of us, dies once in a while!

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3 thoughts on “Playing Gradius on a Japanese Sharp X68000

  1. I think I might have used an X68000 emulator in the past but playing hard-to-decipher Japanese titles isn’t much fun :( Gradius looks to be easy to deal with on the system but then I could just play it on my PSP collection in Arcade form.

    The anime series is interesting and I’ve looked at it a few times over the years. I was thinking about writing a post on the show in the future so I’ll probably watch a few episodes again at some point. I’m impressed that you have seen it!

  2. Yeah, I face a similar issue with MSX emulation, trying to find games which are either in english, or which have little/no text so that the language doesn’t matter.

    I’m an anime nut, as you can see in my profile here:
    When I was poking around on the web & saw that there was an anime based on a game like gradius, I just had to check it out to see wtf they could build a story around.

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