In 1978 Did The Hulk Need A Utility Belt?

Hulk - Utility Belt - Remco
When I think of Utility Belts I usually find my thoughts wandering towards a certain Caped Crusader that resides in Gotham City, patrolling the long nights bringing justice to the cowardly criminals that dare to break the law with a quick punch to the face or perhaps a batarang to the back of the head…or in a pinch…a car battery.
Batman - Car Battery

However, until a friend of the Retroist sent us the photo above of the 1978 Remco Hulk Utility Belt I didn’t I know that perhaps Ol’ Jade Jaws might need one for himself. Take a look at what is included with that set:

1. Utility Belt (Considering how many pants he rips…this might be a good idea)
2. Gamma Radiation Detector (Now you would think this thing would be going off all the time around the Hulk but perhaps Bruce uses it to locate the likes of the Abomination or the Leader?)
3. Hulk Wrist Gauntlets (Sometimes even the Hulk needs even more upper arm strength)
4. Hulk Voice Modulator (I’ve got nothing)

No matter why Remco decided to include the Hulk in their Utility Belt line of toys I can assure that if I would have seen this in the store back in my youth I would have begged to get it.


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4 thoughts on “In 1978 Did The Hulk Need A Utility Belt?

  1. Jim says:

    Remco made utility belts for all sorts of characters. A lot of them reused parts from other belts. If you notice the Hulk belt has a green Star Trek communicator. The Buck Rogers belt had a phaser with a long barrel. Some belts had multiple versions such as Batman and Star Trek. Never understood why the Batman belt didn’t have a Batarang.

  2. @Tintod Hmmmm. You may have a point there, my friend.

    @Dex I can’t argue with that…wait…why does he need armor again? ;)

    @Jim I can only assume that they didn’t want kids throwing them at other kids…or more likely it was a dastardly plan put into effect by the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman, and the Riddler!

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