This 1988 Ad Shows You What You Needed To Become A Nintendoid!

Nintendoid A - Old Game Magazines
Back in the day, it was somewhere around the middle of high school, being able to be taken seriously by your fellow gamers became a little tougher. I’m not sure why but Polaroid photos of your high scores just weren’t enough anymore…no…to be considered a gamer you had to start wearing your allegiance literally on your clothes. It might have been because of ads from Homer’s, that have thankfully been uploaded by the Old Game Magazines Blog that started it all.

Now while I didn’t get all of the items on display in the magazine ad there were a few things I did manage to get my hands on, like a couple of the Nintendo Pins, Z-Bag (Which I still have), and the MPI VHS tape.
Nintendoid B - Old Game Magazines
Nintendoid C - Old Game Magazines

Make sure to visit the Old Game Magazine blog and check out more awesome ads!

Images courtesy of the Old Game Magazines Blog.

Images courtesy of the Old Game Magazines Blog.


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5 thoughts on “This 1988 Ad Shows You What You Needed To Become A Nintendoid!

  1. They weren’t essential, Doug…though they really helped when you were playing Ultra Games’ TMNT or Ghosts and Goblins. ;)

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